Service Availability

Our Service Availability commitment to Customers for the Services in a given calendar month is 99% (“Minimum Availability“).

Planned Maintenance may be carried out during the maintenance window of 07:00h to 12:00h (GMT).

Currently, Planned Maintenance is one (1) hour for weekly maintenance, plus one (1) hour for monthly maintenance, plus two (2) hours for quarterly maintenance.

Under the terms of your subscription we will use reasonable endeavours to provide not less than 3 hours’ notice of any maintenance which is in excess of this, or which falls outside of the maintenance window. Where we have done this, such maintenance will be deemed to be Planned Maintenance.

If actual maintenance exceeds the time allotted for Planned Maintenance it is considered an Unplanned Outage. If the actual maintenance is less than the time allotted for Planned Maintenance, that time is not applied as a credit to offset any Unplanned Outage time for the month.

Service Availability does not include any customer-caused or third-party caused disruptions (except to the extent that such outages or disruptions are caused by those duly authorised third-parties sub-contracted by us), or outages or disruptions attributable in whole or in part to force majeure events as provided for in our Terms of Supply applicable to your subscription.