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Pinpointing The Hungriest Facebook™ Buyers Your Competition Don’t Even Know Exist

Stop Flushing You're Ad Budget Down The Toilet!

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The Simple Fact You Need To Know Is….. 


If Your Not Laser-Targeting Hungry Buyers, You're Dead In The Water!

You’re here because you know Facebook Advertising is the undisputed king of online marketing. 

You know it works…. BUT

You’ve tried your hardest to run successful campaigns and failed, miserably….

Do you know the simple reason why….?

1000's of Local Businesses Like
YOU are Fighting Over
The SAME Prospects


…because Facebook Ads Audience Tool only shows a LIMITED number of results per keyword.

So it’s a no brainer why… 

So You're Paying MORE Than You Should Be, for Worsening Results!
Which Just Gets Worse & Worse....

Poor targeting means less people click or take action on your ads. Leaving you an awful CTR (click-through-rate) and performance.

Facebook shows ads that get more clicks…

Low CTR ads cost more than the competition with a better CTR…

Understandable if you think about it…

….it’s how Fb’s business model works. 

More Ad Clicks = Happy End Users = Higher Revenue

It’s also how Facebook rates the quality of your ads… a low CTR and FB thinks you’re providing a poor user experience.

So, if don’t get your targeting right you’ll be paying more and more for your ads over and over.

Welcome to The "Modern" Facebook Advertising Agency
Local Businesses Like YOU
Have Been Waiting For

Until now, local businesses have never had an opportunity like this.

Just image if you could:

No need to imagine anymore…

Get astonishing results from Facebook™ ads… even if you’ve failed before.

Why Can't Most Local Businesses & Ad Agencies
Solve This

It’s simple…


It doesn’t matter how much experience or guru status they have. 


While experience and track record is definitely a bonus, and something we highly recommend when choosing an agency, the single biggest reason is…


Having access to tools and insights the billion dollar companies normally keep to themselves!

The Secret Facebook API Weapon

Facebook™ Ads API is basically direct access to Facebook’s ads data.


Most targeting tools and ad agencies don’t have the ability to access this data from Facebook™. 


Facebook™ is extremely strict about which companies they give access to. Involving a lengthy and difficult approval process to gain permission. This is simply out of the reach of most companies.


Which is why everyone else uses the regular Facebook API. 


The thing is; the regular Facebook API doesn’t have access to interests


So they can only “guess” what interests are actually available, and as many as 50% of the interests given can’t even be used in Facebook.


A huge waste of your time and money!


So without being a Fb Ads Guru and having access to billion dollar services it’s nigh-on impossible to get the data you need.


This is where we come in…

Luckily we have THE secret WEAPON...

Normally Reserved to the big players and their huge advertising budgets

that means we can...

Find Hidden Prospects

FIND targeted audiences that are almost impossible to discover elsewhere

Tap an Untapped Market

Target buyers your competition is not even aware of for an unfair advantage

Pinpoint Data

Track which interests are performing and drop the rest, leaving only the hottest pool of active prospects

Maximise ROI

With pinpoint targeting and all the stats you'll get the highest CTR, and lowest cost per result you have seen.

We Want You To Make Money From Facebook Ads

For The Lowest CPC (Cost-Per-Click) Possible

We Want Your ROI To Go Through The Roof

We Want You To Access To The Hidden Interests No-One Else Knows About

I Hope You're Ready To Blow Your Competition Away?
With the Incredible Power Of Our Facebook Advertising Service....

Level the Playing Field

Access to this type of explosive data is normally restricted to the big advertising agencies locked behind insane costs. Only affordable by huge corporations with unlimited budgets. Not any longer!

Facebook Ads API

Direct access to Facebook's hidden interests and detailed audience data, allowing us to cut out the rubbish money-draining interests leaving only the juiciest profitable groups. A service that would cost you £1000's under regular circumstances.

hidden interests

Our service targets buyers your competition is ignoring for an unfair advantage.

Interest Layering

Target prospects via the layering technique. This is a hyper niche targeting method that only shows your ads to people who fall into 2 (or more) of the same groups. Adding layering uncovers raging niche fans . . . scale up your offers fast.

less ad spend and bigger profits

With untapped audiences and less competition you'll get more targeted traffic to your offers for less ad spend and bigger profits.

Set Up & Management

We will set up and manage your complex ad account and campaigns so you don't have all the headaches. This can be as little or as much support as you need.

get more leads for less money by optimizing your ad sets

Ongoing optimisation drawn from over 20 years online marketing experience. Your competition will never know how you are getting so many leads and sales. They’ll wonder what the secret weapon in your marketing arsenal is! 

Highest Ad Scores

With our experience in online advertising and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) your adverts and sales copy will convert like crazy. Giving you your best ever CTR, meaning reaching more of your audience for less.

One-2-One Support

We are dedicated to your success. So we only work with a small number of clients to ensure the absolute best results and outcomes.

Bespoke Service

Every business and their goals are different. Our unique service is bespoke to your business and customised for your needs ensuring maximum ROI. Add and remove any services you need at any time.

No Contracts

We understand local businesses (we are one!) - No long term contracts. Just simple monthly plans or pay-per-service options. Cancel, change or adapt anytime to match your changing business needs.

Secure Access Today &
Get Your Ads in Front of Customers No-one Else Knows About

For Less Ad-Spend & Bigger Profits


Facebook Advertising

The most powerful Facebook advertising ever service available for local businesses. Access to the secret methods and data used by the major Facebook marketing players that’ll send your Facebook campaigns in to overdrive.

Higher CTR, better ad scores = lower costs for bigger profits (turn your campaigns in to ROI machines)

We'll find hidden audiences your competition can't (normally exclusive to the million dollar corporations)

Pinpoint campaign targeting (with access to hidden interests and how they perform your campaigns will become laser focused on the most hungry buyers)

Explosive ad writing and copy proven to get those elusive clicks (Facebook ad writing and copy proven over decades)

Facebook Boosts (Post writing services for business pages, designed to get the most engagement from boosts)

Every piece of data is tracked and recorded (ensuring we know what to keep and what to drop, leaving you with only receptive audiences)

Campaign and Account management (As much or as little support as you need)

Completely Bespoke Service (Ad writing, interest discovery, campaign creation, complete account management. Your service, Your Way!)

Video Ad Creation | Image Ad Creation | Dynamic Ad Creation (you decide based on your budget)

No Contract | Cancel Any Time | Change Anytime
PRICES From £20.00-£500.00*

Modern Pricing for Local Businesses

Our services are 100% adaptable and non-restrictive, perfect for local businesses requiring solutions that work with them. The below prices are guidelines on average costs for current clients. Chat with us today get started and find out how we can explode you Fb campaigns.

Post Boosts/Individual ad Creation
from £20.00
(various options from a simple boost with 15-30 interests up to complete post creation, boost and monitoring)

Hidden Interests Generation
from £40.00
(ideal if you run your own Fb ads but want access to hidden audiences to target)

Single Ad/Page Post creation
from £20.00
(Advert or Page post created for you to use in your campaigns)

Video Ad creation
(check out our "All Done For You" video production service for huge discount at £62.50 per video)

Account Set Up
from £50.00
(Facebook Ads account and business Account set up)

Campaign set up, Account management and Analysis
from £50.00 one-off/per month
(Complete management of campaigns and ad account options)

Bespoke plans
from £50.00 per month
(large discounts on monthly plans needing a combination of services, ideal for business spending in excess of £200.00 per month on Facebook ads)

No Contract | Cancel Any Time | Change Anytime

Need Something Different?

We can work with you and your Facebook advertising campaign in any way you require. Just let us know what you need and we’ll get right back to you with a solution!

Don't Worry... We've Got You Covered!

All consultations 100% FREE… Chat with us NOW!

Cast-iron Satisfaction Guarantee

Our One-2-One approach ensures complete we surpass our clients expectations every-time.

100% Never Before Seen Service

A revolutionary Fb Ads service purpose built for local businesses to keep costs low and maximise ROI

20 Years Experience

Over 20 years experience with a proven track record that gets results and delivers every single time. It's good to know you're in safe hands!