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Calibur Designs

A Modern Digital Agency. Creative Solutions for Local Businesses

At Calibur Designs we take the most powerful online marketing and design services (normally exclusive to billion dollar companies) and develop them specifically (and affordably) for local businesses. Over the years, it became painfully clear to us that 99.9% of ALL local businesses cannot compete on an even playing field online. 

You simply don’t stand a chance without someway to produce endless Universal Studios quality videos, kick out web design worthy of the FTSE 100, and bank-roll the secret tools the big marketing players use to get an unfair advantage. 

Honestly, how can local businesses compete with the billion dollar outfits? They can’t, that was until our Digital Agency smashed the playing field wide-open….

Get The Edge! Get Ahead!

Our mission is simply for you to make more money online than ever before, to get the highest and most profitable ROI in any social marketing you undertake and make your business look like it’s a part of the Fortune 500 with media content on par with the big studios. We pride ourselves on complete customer satisfaction and un-paralleled results from concept to completion, and beyond…. delivering industry-leading and revolutionary solutions, normally reserved for the million dollar companies, that make your business stand head and shoulders above the competition. We can only achieve this by working closely with you, one-2-one, to produce something truly special and unique to your business. 

The results are spectacular, bespoke designs and solutions that showcase your business at a studio-quality level. Get ahead of the competition…..

5-Star Satisfaction
One-2-One Collaboration
Maximum ROI
Unlimited Support
Pro Studio-Quality

Our Services

Professional Video Creation

High quality, studio-grade video promos and animations for websites & social media. Affordable pricing designed for local businesses

Website Design & Development

Professional & modern website development and design. Domain & hosting package options available.

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Stop flushing your ad budget down the toilet! Get ahead of your competition with highly targeted and results driven Facebook Ad Campaigns.

A Word From The Founder

lee jake

Hi there, Lee Page here..

I’m a full time online marketer and creative designer. Starting way back in 1999 as a teenager selling gadgets and gizmos online via affiliate marketing and my first eCommerce website (yep, this was when dial-up was the fastest internet service available in the UK and Google was just starting its bid for web-wide domination).

I was even knocking around at the introduction of PPC, Google Adwords, social media marketing and social advertising (wow time goes fast). Things were easy in those days; getting top of the page on Google, high converting ads, low advertising costs, high ROI and low competition…

Over the years, things have evolved at an unprecedented rate

Smart phones and devices have made the internet accessible to everyone, 24/7/365, anywhere in the world. Video and social media have revolutionised online selling and marketing. Competition has exploded, consumers are harder to engage and costs are through the roof for worsening results….

In 2018, after years and years of friends and associates high jacking me at gatherings and social events, desperately trying to find a way to match the big players it became painfully clear that….

99% of ALL local businesses cannot compete online...

Gone Are the days of dropping a Simple post & Attracting Streams of paying customers

It was hard, the competition was high. It was affecting their business and revenue and they clearly needed help. They didn’t understand why nothing they did worked or why they couldn’t get any real help.

They needed to deliver studio-quality content and run Facebook campaigns at an affordable cost and time investment – how can they roll punch for punch with these companies, or what alternatives where there?

I simply didn’t have the time to help everyone. 

I searched tirelessly for a cost effective solution to recommend.

I was completely and utterly shell shocked, there was absolutely NOTHING available 

The agencies and services out there were catering for the billion dollar corporations. The prices and terms were ridiculous! I mean “what local business can afford to pay an average of £1000.00 – £1500.00 a time for a video” or £5000.00 – 15,000.00 for a website

Some did, and the content looks awesome! But they can’t keep this up week after week (and releasing new, high quality content regularly is absolutely paramount for success).

Then there’s the influx of “Automated Software” solutions such as; 3 click professional videos, build a stunning website in 10 minutes, automate and explode your Facebook campaigns with one simple trick, etc, etc. When in reality they take 100’s of hours just to learn, only produce mediocre (at best) results without serious time errors and wind up costing you time, money and business perception that you can’t afford to spare.

Local businesses don't have the time, they don't have the budgets. 

You need cost-effective solutions that produce Real results every single week.

Services that can be stopped, started or changed as and when they need.

It was time to level the playing field. It was time to burst the doors wide open. It was time for a BIG UP YOURS to the major companies.

I was going to share the secret strategies, methods and knowledge I had perfected over the past 20 years with a select few local businesses.


Apart from helping a load of friends and businesses, and the satisfaction of getting one over on the indiscriminate corporations there was an opportunity for me do something no-one else was doing! It was a WIN-WIN on every level! 

After 2 years of serious grafting, more than enough set backs and a lot of personal investment I had created the most powerful collection of services ever available to local businesses for success online. Finally there was a way local businesses to get;

Studio-Quality Videos

Stunning and beautiful videos every single week, month after month. No Software, No Apps, No Costly Agency. Just Awesome videos All Done For YOU at price attractive and affordable for local businesses.

Leading Web Design

The latest web building technologies, reserved for the big leagues. Now made available to local business. Stunning designs, ultra-fast, beautiful and functional on all devices.

Revolutionary Fb Ads

Fb Ads is the single most effective online advertising platform. Our innovative service unlocks access to hidden audiences your competition doesn’t know exists for an unfair advantage.

All at a cost never seen before, with no contracts or nasty terms. Just complete control to cancel, update or change anytime. 

We Are Creative

Jaw-dropping designs and creative solutions for your website, social media, business, brand, product or service. Get the edge, get ahead!

We Are Innovative

Our digital agency services innovate the way local businesses perform online. We’ve ripped open the unrivaled power of studio-quality video, Fb ads and leading web design for local businesses.

We Are Revolutionary

No one else is doing what we’re doing. You just can’t get these services, for this value, anywhere else. We’re paving the way for local businesses to start rolling punches with major companies.

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Unique and revolutionary services, purpose built for local businesses to roll punch for punch with the billion dollar companies

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Over 20 years experience with a proven track record that gets results and delivers every single time. It's good to know you're in safe hands!

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